On 20th December 2022 Municipality of Lyaskovets officially finished the implementation of the “Tales of culture, history and nature” project, funded by the Cross border cooperation Programme „Interreg V-A Romania - Bulgaria 2014-2020” and implemented in partnership with Municipality of Videle, Romania.

The main aim of the project is encouraging the preservation of the nature resources and culture traditions through developing integrated tourist products as a model for sustainable use of nature, historical and cultural heritage in the cross border region of Romnia and Bulgaria.

Part of the implementation of the project were two key activities. The first one – investment in tourist infrastructure – was implemented through the reconstruction of two areas: “Eco area for recreation, art and sport in Lyaskovets” in the Town park in Lyaskovets and “Renovation of community recreation area in the village of Kozarevets”, dedicated to modernizing the central square and the park area new the “Zemedelets” Culture center in Kozarevets. As a result, in the Town park of Lyaskovets were established mountain bike area, skateboarding area,art zone – with locations for recreation and open air art wall, as well as new children playground. In the village of Kozarevets the “Mariyana Dimitrova” square was fully renovated, the park area around the culture center was modernized and a new playground with three types of entertainment activities was built.

The second key activity was dedicated to the development of a tourist product, based on local traditions, history, nature and cultural heritage. As part of the activity were organized 10 events on the territories of Videle Municipality and Lyaskovets Muncipality such as culinary festivals, folklore festivals, culinary and historical events. More than 80 participants from Lyaskovets joined the Autumn folklore festival, The Balkan barbeque and other culinary and historical demonstration in Romania. As a result of the implementation of the project was registered significant increase in the Romanian tourists on the territory of Lyaskovet