On September 15, 2022, the Mayor of Lyaskovets Municipality , Dr. Ivelina Getsova, signed the contracts for the five initiatives which will be funded by the Fund for support of local initiatives, created by the Lyaskovets Municipality in partnership with “Agora” Platform.

The main aim of the Fund is solving local problems, improving the environment and the quality of life of the community, as well as mobilizing civic activity and local resources. Five project proposals were approved for funding as the total value of the projects is 14 117,79 BGN, 9117.79 of which are provided by Lyaskovets Municipality and 5 000 are funding from “Agora” Platform. The beneficiaries are local NGOs and culture centers who are working for the development of the local community.

The implementation period of the projects is 3 months. The projects are aimed at encouraging the participation of the locals for solving important problems. The first project, approved for funding, is aimed are the improvement of the area around “Pchelitsa” Kindergarten through the reconstruction of the existing swimming facility and establishing a space for cultural and sport events. Another poject, implemented by Culture Center “Razvitie – 1902” – village of Merdanya, includes purchase of traditional Bulgarian costumes for the traditional dance club “Tsvetnitsa” which will have a positive influence of the culture life in the village and will create a positive creative environment for the young people, living in Merdanya.

The third project proposal is aimed at improving the environment for development for the talanted children and young people, living in Dragizhevo village. With the implementation of the project, the Local youth club will be modernized with new equipment which will have a positive impact for joint work with the older generations for preserving local traditions.

The fourth project aims to improve the quality of the educational process in Kindergarten "Radost"-Lyaskovets, in which will be installed an interactive floor system that will help with the development of children, their socialization and interactions.

The last fifth proposal is related to improving the condition of public areas in the town of Lyaskovec and is focused at the renovation of two bus stops and assembly of informational signs with historical facts about the town and important people from the past.